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Pear Deck For Schools & Districts

Achieve 100% student engagement in class, 
for every teacher and every student.

Classroom Equity

Knock down the barriers to participation by providing a safe space for learners to make mistakes and respond honestly

Student Engagement

Engage 100% of your learners with questions designed to go deeper and support diverse learning needs 

Google Integrations

Native integrations with Google tools means quick logins, seamless file sharing, and unlimited organization

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Pear Deck Transforms Classrooms

With Pear Deck, every learner connects to the class materials from any device, answering interactive questions, and learning from their peers. Pear Deck also works great for flipped-classrooms. 

Maximize Value of Devices 

Suitable for K-University Classes 

Pear Deck Training & Support 

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Learn More About District Licenses

 As a company founded by educators, we believe deeply in creating tools that offer real value.  We created our Pilot Program to offer Schools and Districts the opportunity to test the efficacy of our apps. We want you to measure interest, adoption and usage before making a full commitment. As a pilot partner, you'll receive our full support, including on-boarding materials, training, and on-going support.

Benefits of Pear Deck

Our Pilot Program

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